Why We Made A Veteran’s Tribute For 4th Of July

At Storyline Multimedia, we are passionate about telling stories that matter. Stories that inspire, educate, and celebrate the people and places that make our community special. For this 4th of July, we embarked on a video project to honor some of the brave men and women who served our country from the Kalona and Wellman area.

The Purpose

Our goal was to recognize the service and sacrifice of our veterans, and to preserve their stories for future generations. We believe that their stories are valuable and deserve to be heard, even if they are humble and reluctant to share them.

The Process

We collaborated with Kalona and Wellman to find veterans willing to recount their stories. We set up a professional studio at the LOFT in Kalona YMCA, where we interviewed them. We asked them about their background, motivation, challenges, and achievements in service. Their stories amazed us with their diversity and richness. We learned about different roles and responsibilities in the military, from pilots to mechanics to chefs. We learned about different eras and conflicts, from the Korean War to the War on Terror.

The Product

We produced a 20-minute documentary that highlights each veteran’s story. We also gave them their full interview to share with their loved ones. We are proud of our work and its reception. The video played before the firework show on July 3 in Richmond, where we got lots of positive feedback from the community. Some even said they were moved to tears by the stories.

The Impact

We hope that our video will spark conversations, appreciation, and respect for our veterans and their service. We also hope that it will inspire others to capture their own family stories on video. Video is a powerful tool that can create a lasting legacy for generations to come.

The Invitation

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you tell your story on video, please contact us today. We would love to hear from you and work with you on your next video project.


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